Sandra Bleue is the experienced professional consultant behind Petrophysics Outsource. Inc.  Passionate about Petrophysics, Sandra focuses on problem-solving and advancing the understanding of clients' reservoirs.

Sandra Bleue
President, Petrophysicist

Sandra on a working trip to Cuba

A recent graduate from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, with a Post-Graduate Diploma of Petroleum Engineering, Sandra has 30 years of broad-based upstream experience. Since 2005, Sandra has specialized in Formation Evaluation, analyzing carbonate, clastic and unconventional reservoirs from basins around the world. Her experience interpreting minimal data-sets, including old Russian well logs, led to the development of the Synthetic Image Log which is based on classic techniques from the founders of well log analysis such as Archie, Morris, Biggs and the Schlumberger brothers.

Sandra focuses on minimizing exploration risk by ensuring teams acquire the right data, by incorporating all well data into her evaluations and by affirming that petrophysical results are consistent with flow information from well tests.